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Ralph has been working bi-continental on more than 200 productions including feature films, tv shows, commercials and music videos.

In 2002 he lensed 2nd unit on the acclaimed picture ‘GOOD BYE, LENIN!’ which won 6 European and 9 German Academy Awards and Bafta Nominations. Ralph re-teamed with director WOLFGANG BECKER in 2013 on the movie ‘ICH UND KAMINSKI’ which was shot in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland. He also DP-ed the New York City portion as the main unit DP. The film received 5 German Academy Award nominations including ‘Best Cinematography’.

Over the years, Ralph has shot music videos and live performances for such acts as MAROON 5, X-JAPAN, DURAN DURAN, MARY J. BLIDGE, DEPECHE MODE, MOBY and many more.

His commercial credits include clients like MARVEL, HONDA, TARGET, EBAY, GOOGLE, FA, AT&T, ENERGIZER, RENAULT, GMC, MC DONALDS for many of the leading agencies and production companies worldwide.

Over the past decade, he has also built extensive skills in VFX, miniature, Motion Control and VR photography working with leading artists and technicians from all over the world.

In early 2017, Ralph was asked to fill in and complete the remaining 7 weeks of a high profile feature film that shot in India with some of India’s biggest stars and producers. The movie was released in July 2017 and became the runner up only topped by ‘Spiderman’ at the box office.

Ralph just finished the 2nd season of ‘BERLIN STATION’, DP-ing and directing 2nd Unit as well as DP-ing approximately 25 days of main unit work with directors and main cast shot in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Norway. The show is produced by PARAMOUNT TV and ANONYMOUS CONTENT for EPIX starring RICHARD ARMITAGE, RHYS IFANS, RICHARD JENKINS and MICHELLE FORBES.

Ralph has been freelancing as DP in Europe since 1998 and in the US since 2003 after relocating to Los Angeles where he lives with his wife and daughter.