I'm in northern India to shoot an epic commercial for the tourism board of the state Uttar Pradesh. I've seen amazing places on the scout. It will be fun.  

Alright! The new kuoni Film for the 'travel your dream' campaign is released. Check it out in the commercials section!

I'm back from a loooong trip. 10 weeks on the road. Done with the feature shoot for Wolfgang Becker's new movie me&kaminski in Europe. Also finished the latest commercial with shoots in Switzerland and Vanuatu. Check in for more, soon!

First 8 days for me on 'Ich und Kaminski' Wolfgang Becker's new feature film. On Location in Switzerland, 2 Degrees Celsius end of June...?

Super thrilled! I started prep on the feature film 'me & kaminski' in Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium. 'Good bye, Lenin!' director W. Becker is directing and the legendary german cinematographer J. Jürges is dp-ing. I'll be shooting 2nd unit and vfx.