Finished a cool promo for Jim Henson's creature shop tv show. Lots of Motion Control action and people in green suits! Fun times!

What an amazing year 2013 was. Fantastic productions all around the globe. Commercials, documentaries and even good old cinema! Check out the list of locations I shot in 2013:

Miami USA, Grand Rapids USA, Cape Town South Africa, Santa Monica USA, Hong Kong China, Rosenheim Germany, Strassburg France, Milan Italy, Chicago USA, Köln Germany, St. Moritz Switzerland, Stelvio Italy, Knokke-Heist Belgium, Liege Belgium, Colmar France, Interlaken Switzerland, Soglio Switzerland, Port Vila Vanuatu, Austin USA, New York City USA, Boston USA, New Jersey USA, Toronto Canada, Agra India and Varanasi India.

I'm in northern India to shoot an epic commercial for the tourism board of the state Uttar Pradesh. I've seen amazing places on the scout. It will be fun.  

Alright! The new kuoni Film for the 'travel your dream' campaign is released. Check it out in the commercials section!

I'm back from a loooong trip. 10 weeks on the road. Done with the feature shoot for Wolfgang Becker's new movie me&kaminski in Europe. Also finished the latest commercial with shoots in Switzerland and Vanuatu. Check in for more, soon!