Bang! 5 German Academy Nominations for 'Ich und Kaminski' including 'Best Cinematography'. Huge Congrats to all crew and especially to the incredible Jürgen Jürges and Wolfgang Becker who I shot and directed 7 weeks of 2nd unit for.

Bang! it's here: the vans 50th anniversary campaign is online. pretty sweet! Check it out here in my commercials section!

Episode 7 and 8 are up! Lots of cool stuff to shoot with the new director here in Berlin.
Stay tuned for more!

Bang! Kicking off the year Shooting Episodes 3 and 4 on 'Berlin Station'. Super Fun!

What a great year 2015 was. Wonderful shoots in fantastic places with lovely people! Lets make 2016 even better!

Thank you all for your skill, experience and friendship! Cheers